Q: You may get inundated with uniform comments, but I wonder if you have heard any reaction to the St. Patrick’s Day green sweaters? They look great with the green color and the Stars’ logo.

Our current black sweaters truly look like generic rec league uniforms.

Any chance the league will get rid of the terrible rule requiring road teams to wear white. I know that had something to do with home teams wanting to wear 3 jerseys which precluded road teams from wearing their dark jerseys. wholesale nfl jerseys But man, it just doesn’t seem right to have the good guys in the black hats!

Bob in Murphy, Texas

HEIKA: This is one of the biggest subjects that gets talked about in the newsletter and during the chats.

The Stars did a lot of research last season in a third uniform that was all green. In fact, I think their preference was the old green of the Minnesota North Stars. However, when Tom Gaglardi bought the team, they decided to table any third jersey discussion in order to use this upcoming summer to look at an entirely new look for the team and three different new uniforms.

To my knowledge, those talks have not started yet.

However, the team is well aware that the fans want green, and the guess is they will discuss green as a primary color for all uniforms.

My hope of hopes is that they engage the masses and allow them a say in this decision. I don’t see the need to keep this all secret, as they have before. I think the best thing would be to find the right uniform look and keep it for years to come. And I think the fans could be helpful in establishing that look. We’ll see if that happens.

As for white at home, it’s being discussed by the NHL, but (as you said) they feel that dark at home is logistically easier when you consider that most alternate sweaters are dark. That means every team can always travel with white and not worry if the home team is wearing the normal sweater or the alternate sweater.