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Did you guys watch any movie lately?

I am sure you must have! I love movies too, can watch them at length! How do you learn about a movie, through friends, television, internet or other means? Now that Bollywood produces the highest number of movies in a calendar year across all nations. Will it be possible in such a situation to sell a movie if it has not been promoted well?  You guys must have at some point of time got a glimpse of a celebrity at your college or a shopping mall or walking down the streets of your city with ordinary people like you and me! Does it really mean something for them to spend time with us? We may be ordinary but not fools of course! I’m sure you will agree, this is a movie promotion strategy, which they consciously resort to. Little hardship pays off big bucks at the box office!

What makes these movies successful?



Location and Songs?

These are the essential elements of any movie without which the movie won’t exist itself. But, if this is just enough, why does the news of lead pair’s affairs or the ugly celeb cat fights do rounds around the release of the movies? What’s the need of this hoax and rumors? It is because the producers making huge investments in the movies have realized, of late though, that the movie cannot be sold unless it has been in the eyes and ears of people days before it hits the screen. They leave no stone unturned to bring the movie to the eyes of the potential viewers. IN THIS AGE OF TOUGH COMPETITION, PROMOTION AND MARKETING ARE AS IMPORTANT AS THE CONTENT ITSELF!

There has been a revolution in the E-commerce industry. Large numbers of online businesses have developed over a short span of time. A question that haunts these businesses and every new emerging online business is “how do they mark their presence in this fast moving world?”  It is impossible to exist and flourish without being visible to the customers.

But why should you be worrying anyway? We, THE TEAM REFIRAL, are here to provide an answer to your every problem. We work diligently towards generating visitors for your online business. And all this is done without breaking your back with huge sums for advertising! We provide promising results at minimal costs through our deep laid dedication and perseverance to help you walk the ladder of success.

We work on the fundamentals of REFERRAL MARKETING and VIRAL MARKETING programs. These are low cost techniques which make use of the social media connectivity to spread information about the online businesses.  We humans are keen on spreading the information about anything good that has happened to us. Who would have thought that this little reflex action will be made use of in the business expansion! Queen Kunti tried to hide a very important piece of information and led to the Mahabharata eventually! I am happy that these days we aren’t programmed to keep things to ourselves & even happier that the Emperor Rules are gone. Another Mahabharata would have reduced the nation to rubble!

The crux of the whole discussion is, “GENERATE INFORMATION, but that’s not enough! MAKE THE INFORMATION AS INTERESTING AND BENEFICIAL AS IT CAN BE, select the MEANS OF ADVERTISING that appears promising to reach millions and before you know it, Your Information shall be the one most searched for!”

How do we at Refiral make the information interesting and Beneficial?

We touch the hearts and souls of the shopaholics by providing them with unasked for discounts and rewards. When a customer visits an online business store and makes a purchase, we reward him with an instant discount just before the purchase, only asking for a little favor in return. The customer is required to share the information about the store with his social media connections and as he does so, he leaves his wallet heavier than it would have been. The effort is little for a shopper but it helps generate a lot of visitors for the online store. Even if less than half the persons referred to turn out to be the visitors at the store, the visibility of the store has increased by just one share.  Outcome is many times higher than the cost the business had to bear for it! This helps improve the search listings of the online store. Well friends, there’s more to come! When any of the visitors recommended to by our first customer, purchases any product from the store, he is provided an instant discount if he spreads the information about the store. Simultaneously, the first or the parent customer is again provided a reward in the form of discount on his next purchase. This time the discount percentage being higher! Referral Marketing

The initial discount is tempting enough to make the customers happy and subsequent discounts ensure that the happy customer remains happy always!

The process in long run helps:





All this comes for a one-time cost that is negligible enough for the returns it creates! A strong relation is built between the business and the customers and helps business outshine its competitors keeping the customers contented alongside!

What have we got in the whole process?