With the advent of Lord Ganesh, the festive season has also begun! And so has begun the shopping spree in all of us!

As you walk around the streets of your town, you would have acknowledged huge banners promoting even huge discounts, great rewards and festive season sales. Same is the case with newspapers where there is an inundation of advertisements on the front page itself!

When I am talking about discounts and rewards, how can I afford to miss the great discount generation platform for e-commerce businesses, our very own Refiral!

We, the Team Refiral wait eagerly for the festivals like any other individual but that doesn’t mean we’ll keep you waiting for the huge discounts and rewards. We REWARD YOU ROUND THE CLOCK ALL ROUND THE YEAR! We want you to stay happy, smile from the bottom of your heart and live each day like a festival! Hence we keep flooding discounts so you do not miss out on your favorites.

You must be thinking, “How could we have gone so generous? There has to be something in it for us too!”

Well there is! It’s a little favor we demand from you that may not take more than a second of yours but will fetch you with huge uncalled for discounts simultaneously giving us a chance to spread awareness about the store you made the purchase from!

How do we work?

REFIRAL is an SAAS based marketing tool for the online businesses. The name comes from the integration of two highly successful marketing strategies:



It is a low one time cost marketing tool, which works based on an automated process by creation of a self-replicating chain of customers and continuously increasing business sales. It’s a simple process which only needs to be inducted, once that’s done there’s no looking back. The process has been designed to propagate itself through a self-driving force. It works as strong bond between the online businesses and the customers by creating a huge loyal customer base for the business.

The process starts with a potential customer visiting an online store. He browses through the product categories and decides to purchase a product. As the customer moves towards making the purchase, a small screen shows up asking to share information about the website with the connections on social media and get an instant discount. This is enough to trigger the senses of a curious customer. In almost all cases, the customer decides to share the information about the online store with the friends on social networking sites. This is the referral marketing process combined with the goodness and power of internet. There may be many a friends who do not want to bother themselves to take a look at the shopping site; still there may be a few others who take efforts to visit the store once. These few people help increase the traffic across the online store and hence the store visibility at a cost minimal for the business in comparison to what would have been spent on big fat advertisements. A still fewer of these new visitors browse through the categories to find a product attractive enough to be bought and head towards purchase. The online business store greets these new customers with the same warmth it showed the first customer on his first purchase. These new customers are offered instant discounts only for sharing the information about the store with their social connections and the process continues with each new customer. What happens with the existing customers? Addition of a new member to the family doesn’t mean the already existing members have gone less important! And dude every customer is now family to the business. Believe me, all of you existing customers will continue to remain very very important to the business family! Just when a new customer referred to by the existing customer makes a purchase, the existing customer is offered an even higher discount for his next purchase with the store.

The process helps “GENERATE NEW CUSTOMERS” by providing great lucrative discounts, “INCREASE THE CONVERSION RATES” by generation of new customers from the visitors at the store and “RETAIN EXISTING CUSTOMERS” by flooding discounts continuously for their own purchase and any purchase made by the ones referred by them!

The Refiral Marketing tool helps create a WIN-WIN scenario for the business and the customer taking only a very little share of the benefits reaped!