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FOXBOROUGH Rex Ryan says he’s not in Bill Belichick’s class yet and it showed in the first half. The Jets’ coach and his staff got schooled as the Pats got off to a 24 3 lead.

“I came in here to kick his butt and he kicked mine,” Ryan admitted.

On the Jets’ first possession, Ryan challenged a spot on a third and inches from the Jet 46 when he was going to go for it anyway on fourth down. wholesale jerseys from china That made him 3 for 9 on challenges. The drive continued, but on fourth down at the Pats’ 35, Ryan decided to let Nick Folk try a 53 yard field goal into the wind when he could have punted and let his defense keep the Pats penned in. Folk hooked it badly and gave the Patriots good field position that set up a touchdown.

“That was (Folk’s) max,” Ryan said, explaining why he went for the field goal. “In warmups, he was hitting it. That’s where we thought he was good from and that’s why we went for it, obviously. If I thought he was going to miss, I wouldn’t have called it.”


If Ryan had challenged Brandon Tate’s second quarter touchdown, he would have lost, according to Mike Pereira, the NFL’s former head of officiating.

Tom Brady rolled to his left on a play that started from the Jets’ 4 and fired into the left corner of the end zone. Tate, covered by Antonio Cromartie, got one foot down before rolling out of bounds. The officials conferred before signaling touchdown with 8:15 remaining in the second period. The extra point gave the Patriots a 24 3 lead.

Pereira told the Daily News that the rule is that a player must have two body parts down. He said Tate had one foot and part of a forearm down before he went out of bounds. At first, Pereira wondered why Ryan didn’t challenge the play. But after watching the replay, Pereira said the touchdown would have been upheld.


Ex Jet Danny Woodhead, who has been a phenom since the Patriots picked him up, had two huge plays against his old team.

He caught four passes for 104 yards, including 35 and 50 yard receptions.

In the second period, Brady caught the Jets in a zone blitz. Woodhead took off on a delayed pattern off a play fake and went 35 yards to set up the Patriots’ third TD.

“About 104 yards worth, so that was a problem,” Ryan said when asked how Woodhead hurt the Jets. “He did a good job. We lost him one time and there was unintentional pick on the one route. (Wes) Welker was in the backfield trying to get away from (Darrelle) Revis and he ended up picking our guy who had coverage on him. It was a smart play. It was unintentional but it happened.”

Woodhead wouldn’t say he particularly relished handing it to his old team.

“I’m a New England Patriot now. Was I over there at one time? Yeah, but that isn’t something that I dwell on or ever want to dwell on because that’s not who I am now.”The Patriots honored former linebacker Tedy Bruschi at halftime to chants of “Te dy, Te dy, Te dy.” The guts of the Pats’ defense in their Super Bowl winning years, Bruschi played his entire 13 year career in New England, including nine playoff seasons, eight AFC East championships, five straight AFC titles and three Super Bowl crowns.

Bruschi’s No. 54 was not retired but that’s fine with him.

“I would love to see another linebacker wear No. 54 in the future,” he said. “I think all numbers should be unretired. Let the kids wear the numbers and realize who wore those numbers before them, and the great play and championships that were won (by) the players who (wore) those jerseys. I think that would be a great bit of history to pass on to younger players.”