Marketing and Promotion are very important business aspects. They have the deepest impact on the success of any business. There is a specific team dedicated towards looking into this in every firm.

How does a firm market a product?

  • If the product has a distinct feature above any of the contemporary products, marketing and promotion become quite easy.
  • If the product is more or less similar to other products in the market, promotion of the product then becomes a challenge.

In both the cases, one thing that stands common is “how to make people believe your promises”?


Huge money eating endorsements?

Hiring highly talented sales persons?

Customer driven promotion in the form of an endless process?

Confused? You are supposed to be! Okay, let me put you in a small situation.

Assume you want to purchase a smartphone. Hold my hand dude, let’s go to the market. But believe me I am as naïve as you in this field! All I can give you is a company, nothing more!  After wandering around the shops we finally enter an electronics store. As we step inside, the sales persons start to wander around us like bees on rasogulla!  And we fall prey to one of them:-(  He gives us a demo of around 5-6 smartphones as per our budget and requirements. You are confused, so am I initially, but gradually we start to believe him and eventually end up giving into his suggestions.

Story seems to be going so lame. And when I feature in it, there has to be twists and turns. So, let’s have crunch man!

As we stand in queue, just about to make the purchase, your friend enters the store, he looks at you, but you don’t know yet. He finds a smartphone box in your hand, but you don’t know yet. And he finds that clever sales person standing next to you, why on earth you don’t know yet? He calls your name loud, runs up to you and asks you to move out the queue. Appalled though, we decide to leave the queue! Now what happens?

You tell him that you came here to buy a smartphone.

He says, “The shop is really good, they give nice discounts and better after sales services”.

You believe him and are delighted to the core. There is not a 1% chance that you doubt him. We make the purchase and leave the store happily!

But, the way this dear friend ran towards us, I know there’s something fishy. Let check it out!

He says, man don’t buy anything ever from this shop. I bought a washing machine a few months ago. Pathetic performance, they sold me the worst model anyone could buy. Salesmen here are very clever. They will sell you the piece nobody would like to buy and you won’t even come to know about it. Their after sales services don’t exist even and blah blah!

Now what’s going on in your head? Do you think you are not going to believe him? Then you are mistaken my friend. You will believe him, again 100% and end up leaving the store swearing in the name of God to never visit it again!

Coming out of the virtual shop, who do you think played a bigger role in the marketing of the product or for that matter the store?

Was it the salesman?


Was it the fiend of our customer?

I hope all of you have your answer. This is the human nature. It’s difficult to trust strangers; it’s very easy to trust our friends. Cutomers play a pivotal role in the marketing of any business; they may raise it to great heights or sink it deep in the ocean, so that the rubble is also not apparent.

Refiral takes advantage of this marketing strategy. If a customer can market your product better than any big fat advertisement or salesmen wandering around giving demos, then why not explore this marketing strategy. Why spend huge sums on other marketing techniques when if you could grow your sales exponentially by just making your customer contented. Refiral works based on a lethal combination of Referral Marketing or Word of mouth Strategy and Viral Marketing.

What we do at each step of business marketing is push the envelope for perfection.  OUR CLIENTS ARE THE BIG E-COMMERCE BUSINESS HOUSES WANTING TO INCREASE THEIR CUSTOMER BASE. DO WE SERVE THEM? NO! THEN WHAT DO WE DO? WE SERVE THEIR CUSTOMERS, EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL TRYING TO MAKE AN ONLINE PURCHASE! We focus on creating a rock strong marketing force which would keep increasing and increasing and increasing…on its own and work for the improved market capture of the Online Business House eventually!

How does it happen?

Let’s go shopping again!

You visit an online store, say to purchase a Laptop. You browse through categories to find your product. It depicts a price of, say Rs. 67000/- Costly though, but since you need it badly, you decide to buy it. As you head to making the purchase, you find a pop up, saying “share the information about this site with your friends on Facebook and get and instant discount of 10%”. Waao! Are you not excited? You decide to do it. Now as you leave the store, you bought a laptop worth 67000/- at 60300/-

The discount is huge enough to leave goosebumps! You are indeed happy!

As your friends check their Facebook page, they find your recommendation about this store. Let’s assume that out of your 500 friends, 300 checked their social account and around 120 felt excited to visit this store. THIS INCREASED THE TRAFFIC ACROSS THE WEBSITE, at the cost of a 10% discount which does not amount to anything for a huge business! Out of the 120 new visitors, 17 decide to make purchase. Did you realize, taking a 10% discount from the business house, you gave them 120 new visitors and 17 new customers! The business house greets each new customer with an instant discount on their first purchase in reward for sharing information about the store on social platform, just like you! If 1 customer can bring about 17 new customers, 17 customers could generate around 289 new customers, a little less or a little more! All this has become possible because you took the initiative, so you deserve another reward! And the business does not hesitate to give you what you best deserve. As, any of the visitors recommended by you makes a purchase at the store, you are rewarded again, a yet higher discount, say 13% on your next purchase. This time you got a discount in advance, without having done anything, waao that’s amazing! You are on cloud 9!

You will never leave the store! Will you?

In the entire process, what we achieved was:

  • Creation of a happy customer at little cost who shall eventually turn into a LOYAL CUSTOMER!
  • Creation of new visitors t no added cost
  • Creation of new customers at, again no added cost
  • E-commerce Business shall pay a one-time minimal fee for this endless automated service
  • Improved CONVERSION RATES for the business


Do you still believe that big fat advertising can serve your businesses better than us? Think Again my friend!

It’s not for me, it’s for you…


We, at Refiral strive to serve you and your valued customers for your long term success, solid to the core!