If I’m talking to you about Refiral, be relieved, you’re hearing it from the horse’s mouth! Yes, you may wonder how, but I have enough to share with you!

Refiral.com is an Indian SaaS based marketing tool for online businesses founded in March 2014. It works towards increasing the sales for the e-commerce websites by combining the goodness of two important marketing tools: the Referral Marketing Tool and the Viral Marketing Tool.

As has been said long before, “only the fittest shall survive”; the nature always puts us to test and the ones who fail are eliminated eventually. What’s left is nothing more than their names in the pages of history! No one remembers who fought, who died, when or why! What remains inscribed forever is “who emerged victorious?” The online businesses are no different. They are also the helpless victims of this process of Natural Selection.

Ever since its induction, Refiral has helped many infant businesses to establish and survive. It has helped improve customer traffic and sales across the businesses. It has emerged as a result oriented low investment program wherein the marketing and advertising are solely on the reliable tough shoulders of Refiral, with businesses being free to concentrate on their core concerns without having to deploy their resources towards the advertising. We at Refiral are connoisseurs of business marketing! We work by increasing the conversion rates, generating new customers and retaining the existing ones.

How do the Referral and Viral marketing tools work to the benefit for all? Yes, Refiral partisans the idea of “benefit for all”! We here work hard to devise the methods through which we can satiate the needs of both the businesses and their customers. An organized referral campaign when executed as planned has the strength to divert huge customer traffic towards the website and hence increase the sales manifolds.

Referral marketing, also called the “Word of Mouth” marketing explores that very basic nature of any individual which provokes him to share the information he has received. The sharing of information becomes an unceasing process if the information is beyond the normal limits of acceptance. Any good or bad news spreads at a pace much greater than any normal information. This word of mouth ideology when combined with digital marketing, works wonders for the online businesses. Viral Marketing deals with undisturbed propagation of the referral wave so as to continuously increase the customer base.

Refiral offers instant rewards and discounts to the visitors at the online store when they make their first purchase itself, demanding in return only that they spread the information about the store or recommend the store to their friends through social platforms. This is not a strenuous effort for the customer who is enjoying an instant discount on his very first purchase! This process helps a visitor become an actual paying customer. The excited customer becomes an active carrier of the information about the store in two ways: one, by recommending the store on social media platforms to receive the rewards on his next purchase and second, the self-driven eagerness which won’t let him keep calm until he shares his little achievement while shopping online. In both the ways the company is benefitted and so is the customer! Out of a number of friends recommended to by the first customer, many may visit the store, this helps increase the traffic across the website.

A few of them may turn out to be the actual paying customers. When these customers make their purchase, they are again offered instant discounts for recommending the store to their friends via social sites and the process follows with every new customer. Simultaneously, the first customer who recommended the store to them also receives a message being offered a discount, this time at a percentage higher than earlier for the next purchase. The rewards and lucrative discounts work as the strong binding agent that don’t let the customer chain break in any circumstances.

This process helps retain the existing customers as well as build a new customer base. In the entire process, we are assiduous in our efforts to remove any bottlenecks that may influence the customer behavior. We work with great zeal to bring smiles to the faces of all the customers, to reiterate, “ALL THE CUSTOMERS”; we aim that not a single customer shall leave the store unhappy. These efforts form the foundation for a strong customer base for the future aspirations of the business and shall work for the development of both the business and the customers!