We all had at least once felt that happiness of getting a tattoo free with the Boomer or a plastic toy with a piece of chocolate.  What more to say, when the pencil with eraser crowned to its head would compel us to lay head to toe on the dirty shop floor crying and trying to convince our parents buy one for us.  Little things given gratis used to deliver whole lots of joy. Sometimes they even took more of our attention than the prime object. Gone are those days and gone are those ephemeral joys of childhood! Our requirements keep on changing as we grow old, but once you try to dwell deeper in your heart, you’ll find the same little kid hidden there in wanting yet another piece of article for free. Yeah we are designed that way! And in this age when not even water comes for free, it’s a sheer delight to get something that has not been asked for! It brings tears to our little eyes.

Aww…that’s what a perfect example of being melodramatic!

Well tears may definitely not roll down your eyes but a smile is sure to find its way through your lips. Yes we, the TEAM REFIRAL, proudly hold on our shoulders the responsibility to keep you surprising with little gifts and rewards time and again and never let the smile in your eyes and happiness in your heart fade away!

REFIRAL is an SaaS based end to end marketing tool which aims to nurture the E-commerce industries by fulfilling the three important requirements:

  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Generation of new customers
  • Retention of existing customers

For any business, customer is no less than God who has enormous power to raise a newly emerging business touch heights of success and glory or to turn the whole business empire into rubble!

When the customer is so much important, they cannot be ignored at any cost. For a business to only survive, it is essential to have a strong passionate customer base. Any weak link is sufficient to blow the very roots of the business.  We help the online businesses connect to the customers and establish a symbiotic relation that benefits both the customer and the business. This creates a WIN-WIN scenario for both, a rarest of rare phenomenon in this era! And what do we demand in return? To be able to accomplish this rare phenomenon and deliver smiles to our customers that propagate undiluted to their customers is where our success lies in! This is where all our demands find their FINAL DESTINATION!

Every success comes at the cost of hard work.  We here at REFIRAL, after a lot of contemplation and experimentation have evolved a very cheap yet highly effective technique for the marketing of business for E-commerce industries. REFIRAL itself acquires its name from:


A lot of brain storming led to the conclusion that a proper amalgamation of the two age old techniques can work wonders for the business marketing without having to burden the businesses with huge sums of money. So did we come up an all new marketing tool REFIRAL!

Like the little kids in our school books were entranced by the pied piper so do we play the tunes so that the customers are entranced by the stores we work on. We provide instant discounts to the first time customers on their very first purchase, when they have least expected only asking them to share the information about the E-store with their social media connections. In contrast to an unexpected discount, this effort is short-lived and volatile. What it leaves behind is the aroma of cheerfulness, rewards and discounts lucrative enough to convince the customer pay a next visit very soon! This is not the end of the process. As the first customer shares the information about the store on social platforms like Facebook, a few visitors may be generated for the store which contributes to increasing the store visibility in the search engine.  When any new customer referred to by the first customer makes a purchase the existing customer is surprised once again with a yet another and now a higher discount for his next purchase at the store. This performs the magnet action, keeping the existing customer fully satiated and firmly bound to the store. Every new customer to the store is rewarded with discounts for sharing information about the store and the process continues undaunted, since there’s left no link weak enough to break the self-replicating customer chain. REFIRAL works minutely to cater the needs of each link in the customer chain, maintaining the goodness of strength of the existing customers and the newly formed customers.

REFIRAL is thus an omen of success and joy for the entire business-customer family! Refiral is a referral marketing tool which helps to increase your online store traffic .it also helps in increasing conversions , acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers.

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