What comes overnight?

A dream!

An idea!

A plan!

An overnight dream or idea may move you on to chase the one envisaged with closed eyes.  But there lay ahead uneven roads, deep gorges, uncalled for dangers and lots of other hardships before you see the dawn of success eventually. Only the courageous are lucky enough to witness the darkness of hardships fade away and the rays of sun brighten the farthest lands giving the generations to come a new epic to unravel.

Success doesn’t come overnight. It needs to be chased, days and night, months and years with utmost dedication and genuine intention, strong will and unwavering zeal!

Dream may come as a gift from the God; Success demands to be earned! Man does not choose success; it’s the success that chooses its master.  The most resolute and deserving   is crowned with the success once in decades!

Establishing a successful business empire today is much more difficult than it used to be in the past. Businesses as they are emerging, like the plantlets from seeds, tend to feel the heat of competition right from the beginning. Like the little plantlets fight for food, water and sunlight to survive, so do the infant businesses and only do the strongest survive eradicating the competitors from their roots. In the E- world, with most of the businesses going online, it has become very difficult to directly connect to the end customers, the most vital element of a business family. This has led to the need of generation of a variety of techniques for the exhaustive marketing of products.

The costs accompanied by conventional marketing techniques using big fat television advertising tend to crumble the newly emerging businesses under their feet. In the dearth of capital in the initial stages of business development, spending huge sums of money on marketing results in cost cuts in other departments which need to be focused equally.

We, “THE PROBLEM SOLVER”, “THE ONE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR QUESTIONS” and “THE LITTLE DOSE OF HARSH HARD DRINKS”, hitting hard on your sorrows, are here with you guys to alleviate the pain in your backs and  your shoulders caused by the huge amounts of money getting drained away.

REFIRAL is the ONE STOP solution to all marketing related needs of the entrepreneurs. We at REFIRAL have devised a rigorous program to effectively market the products to the end users at a cost to be laughed off. Yes we mean it by words! We save your pockets and that of your customers too. We believe in benefitting one and all!

Refiral works based on:


Referral marketing also called word of mouth marketing is an age old process being used to effectively communicate the information. When this technique is adequately mixed with Viral marketing technique, it results in the formation of an information transmission web. It generates the Refiral Marketing Process!

Referral program works through the process of referring the online business store to the peers. Once this has been done, the next step is the viral marketing strategy which means that the process transforms into a never ending information transfer web where at each new level multiple links are added apart from the existing ones. This process brings home a certainty that the business visibility is in an ever growing process.

The process targets the customers by providing products they desire at a price lower than they had dreamt off! This comes in the form of instant discount that a customer receives when he/she makes a purchase from the online store! A little favor is demanded from the customer in return in the form of spreading the information about the store among his/her friends through social media platforms. This can be accomplished by simply clicking on a link provided on the shopping site itself. The little task performed by the customers rewards them with huge returns. This results in creating a satisfied customer who most likely shall visit the store again! The process repeats with each new customer.

When any customer that was referred to by the existing customer visits the store, it adds to the visibility of the store in the search engine. Thus any new visitor to the store works towards the growth of the business. If any of the new visitors happens to make a purchase from the store, the existing customer who referred him/her to the store is rewarded once again with a still higher discount on his/her next purchase. The complete process caters to three important needs of an online business:

Increasing conversion rates, by bringing in more and more potential customers

Generation of new customers, through added benefits

Retention of existing customers, by rewarding them with surprises time and again

In the entire process, care is taken to satisfy the business as well as the end customer. Any weak link can tear the transmission web apart. Hence, the TEAM REFIRAL, works hard day and night to bring smiles to your faces and happiness to your lives! We work to help the business and the customers complement each other with the most positive energies.

Your smiles, your success and your glory mean the world to us!