Great people have said at times in their own different ways that eat to exist and don’t exist to eat! But friends, especially the foodies among you, we all are not really that great people and it won’t be anywhere wrong to say that loading us with our favorite dishes heals our minds and bodies. Bitter as it may sound, but certainly many of us exist to eat and we aren’t ashamed of it. It’s because of people like us spread across the globe that the world has gotten its greatest chefs!

A full stomach may be a reality but a contented tongue is a pure hypothesis. Our tongue houses different taste buds, so sincere in their efforts that they are never fatigued. They can work endlessly without a leave! They crave for numerous tastes that result from the amalgamation in different proportions of the few basic ingredients, each one essential to satisfy our deep laid hunger. These little ones are the reason behind so much of innovation in the food industry!

The same dish, under the same name, is served in numerous restaurants of the same city. Yet one in hundreds is able to make a different mark on customers outstretching the possible taste limits for the food. It may not be the best place to eat, nor is it necessary that the same restaurant be phenomenal in all the other dishes it serves, but it has one, that one dish in its kitty to drive the customers crazy about it. It may appear to be the same on surface but deep inside somewhere hidden in layers is a magic ingredient like the one from the secret recipes of renowned chefs that makes it far superior to its peers.

That magic ingredient has the power to work wonders for the restaurant to boost sales for the owner and drive a whole new line of customers even from distant places, far reaching towns.

Refiral plays the chef’s secret magic ingredient to boost the business of e-commerce industries! It works from behind without being visible to the eyes but it’s what makes the businesses touch the heights of success with abundance of sales, satisfied customers and an ever growing brand value.

In the ever expanding business markets these days it’s difficult to establish a new business, sustain the established one and continue to expand overcoming all the predicaments. A business can only continue to be successful if it is capable of building a loyal customer base, yes you hear it right! It’s the loyal customer base that’s important and it is that which has the potential to build the large customer base, or to state it more correctly, build a LARGE LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE!  An empire is strong neither by the size of the land it owns nor by the size of its army. What defines the strength of a state is the faith and devotion its denizens have for their emperor. If they are ready to follow their ruler with closed eyes in the most difficult of times, not the biggest and strongest of empires across the universe can dare to shake the walls of the state. Same goes for the business, a business is successful when its customers are satisfied without any ifs and buts, when they don’t seem to have any option but for one and when,  whether in a week or after a year, as they decide to buy something, they will make their purchase from the same store and always without a doubt! A business should not aim to generate a lot of good sales, a huge number of customers or millions in profit but it should without fail put in its endeavor to build a strong base of customers who feel compassion for it, who can’t see it fall or fail, who have a firm faith in it. A business should aim to generate a customer family, wherein they are not just the goods or service providers instead they work in a way that they live for each other and work for the betterment of each other selflessly.

Refiral works towards building that strong customer base through referral marketing. It helps create a chain of loyal customers who will not let a business crumble, instead who will form the strong pillars on which the business shall stand and grow. You can’t even imagine how well this base works in difficult times. A business won’t even need to advertise a lot at times because being the most loyal keepers its customers will do it themselves  even without any hopes for rewards. In such a scenario, if the businesses take an initiative to reward the customers, they are sure to return thousand times more, much more than any big name the business advertises with could afford to give.

Refiral for a business works by stimulating the formation of an uninterrupted chain of customers at the least cost possible. The whole theory revolves around the fact that in the ever growing world, our needs are increasing and how huge an amount we earn; our requirements shall be a step higher. To fulfill our needs we search for low priced products which conform to our quality requirements also. We put efforts to search for those options and when we find one we take pride in boasting about it, thus meeting our requirements and simultaneously spreading awareness among others about the product. This way the product is advertised itself by the customers!

Refiral promises to get us our desired product at a reduced price only if we agree to share the information about the business in our connections through social launch pads. Now, that’s not a big deal today! It can be done in a matter of seconds just making a click but it’s going to fetch us with our desired result; a nice product at a lesser price! So as customers we are satisfied and apart from the role we have played to spread awareness about the business while making the purchase, we shall certainly tell our friends about our experience with the shopping store; this time even without being offered a value for it! It’s now that we have stepped into the process of becoming a loyal customer!

Hearing praises from us about the online store, a few of our friends may wonder giving it a try. Similar situation can arise on the social platform where we shared the information with a larger base of potential visitors. This increases the traffic across the site over a period of time and hence in a short while due to the increased traffic, the site can be found easily on the internet when searching for a product. SEO right! The so called process for which companies pay huge amounts is being helped to achieve by the customers. Out of this increased traffic, some visitors may decide to make purchases; they will receive their share of discounts on their first purchase by sharing the information about the website with their social connections. If any among them is the one we recommended to on the social media, we shall receive a message for the discount that we receive as we head towards making our next purchase. This is enough to tantalize any one, and we are sure to return to the store for a second purchase. From now on, we have unknowingly fallen for the store and it is from here that whether or not we are being offered a discount we shall spread the words of praise about the store all around. NOW WE ARE A LOYAL CUSTOMER! This process continues and a chain is formed. It may be a little time consuming, but it has its far reaching results for the business!

In simple words, the process starts with a customer being offered a product at a lesser price only for sharing information about the online store with peers through social media like Facebook. The little favor demanded by the company is returned back with a good enough discount to bring a smile to the face of the customer! The satisfied customer will most likely visit the store again. Social media is a powerful platform in the age we are living. Among the many that happen to see the information about the store, a few shall visit the store and browse through the products. A little less in number will turn out to be the real paying customers. These customers, as they make their first purchase, shall be offered their share of discount for spreading the information about the store and simultaneously the first customer who recommended the store to them shall be rewarded with a greater discount for his/her next purchase. This will set the platform for the evolution of a satisfied loyal customer. This chain continues to multiply itself once it has started because it has the fundamental ingredient necessary to replicate: THE SATISFIED CUSTOMER AT EACH LINK!

The benefits reaped are:

  • Business has to make very little investments for being visible to the customers
  • Only job for the business is to trigger a self-replicating process of creating loyal customers
  • Business has to concentrate mainly to providing the best quality products, services or after sales to maintain a rapport; a loyal customer base is already building at the back end. Focus should now be to never let down the expectations of this customer base.
  • Brand value of the business increases
  • Customers receive products from their wish list at lower costs for negligible efforts on their first purchase itself!
  • Every time a friend they recommended makes a purchase, the customer is offered a discount for their next purchase

. Refiral! A referral marketing tool.It caters to 3 major problems – improving conversion rates, acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers

Refiral works on a slow but steady and foolproof process where customers form not the visitors but the business family with ties that can’t be broken! It is this business family created by Refiral that sets the bed for continued success of the business and continued smile on the face of the LOYAL COMPASSIONATE CUSTOMERS!