Refiral is a helping hand to the e-commerce businesses! It works in the direction of online business development by building a customer base which is large in number and strong in structure, so that any adversities shall subside. Refiral works via Referral Marketing and Viral Marketing techniques. Referral campaigns are run through social media to increase the brand awareness among potential customers.

Businesses, online or offline, face difficult situations every day. They fight against each other to establish their identities. This process is severe in case of online businesses. In this process, only those businesses shall fill the columns of success stories of a repute magazine that have strong foundation beneath them, which can stand all odds in any circumstances!

Why do we fall?

So that we can learn to pick ourselves up!

Many of you must be aware of these famous pair of lines. These lines are a huge source of inspiration for all.

We fall to rise again. If wont won’t fall, we will never learn to stand up again, undaunted, nor will we learn the value of where we stand today. We fall to contemplate our weaknesses, discover our hidden strengths and gather all the inner power to rise again.

But, to be able to live these lines, we need to be strong inside out. Failures are an inseparable part of life, they can’t be avoided. But they can be dealt with inner strength and fearless attitude. Refiral works inside out to make this strong foundation for the online businesses! It works by building a customer base through simple word of mouth process where in the satisfied customers recommend the online store to their friends and families. Word of mouth has been prevailing since ages and is among the cheapest yet best promotional strategy. Refiral brings it to use through social media referral campaigns where the customers refer the online store to their friends through social networking platforms like Facebook. It has an assurance in itself since the person from whom the recommendation has come is not unknown. It’s easier to trust him than any brand advertisement on which the firm may have spent lots of big bucks. Thus the percentage of a successful customer creation is many times higher through the referral program than any other promotional strategy. This process works in the form of a self-replicating chain where at each link stands a new customer. The links need to be woven strongly enough to prevent the chain from weakening.  To fast track the process and ensure the continuity at each link, lucrative rewards and discounts are offered to each existing link and the new links added to the chain on every successful purchase. This makes sure that the existing customers do not leave the store and new customers are created continuously.

Benefits of Referral Marketing Program:

  • A low cost tool for the online business to increase customer base and improve sales. Traffic across the website increases manifold
  • Referrals come from trusted sources in the form of friends or families, hence the chances of generating new customers are higher than any brand advertisements
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Retention of existing customers and quick creation of new customers
  • Payout to the existing customers and new customers is very low as against the amount that would have been spent on advertisements to generate an equivalent amount of sales
  • Customers, existing or new, are contented since they are offered lucrative rewards for very little efforts! Satisfied customers are very rare to leave the online store. They tend to become the loyal customer force for the business! This strengthens the customer and business relation.

Pyrrhic victory through big brand advertisements, spending of huge sums of money on business promotion that could have been spent on other resource development, isn’t worth it! Refiral serves the Harry’s magic wand to bring out the businesses of this promotional dilemma through its sincere efforts towards the development of both the online businesses and the happy customers! This is a coup!!