Hello everyone!

It feels really nice to be talking to you time and again!

You know when the first book of the HARRY POTTER series was launched; it was a deliberate effort to shorten the author’s name which was kept as J.K. Rowling instead of her full name. It was only done to keep the readers from knowing that the author was a female on account of relatively less inclination towards the work of female authors. And this marketing strategy worked wonders for the book and the author too who’s a millionaire now!

However it be done, promotion of product is a very important part of the product life cycle. Unless it has been marketed extensively, however good the product be, chances are, it will not reach the people and vanish in darkness eventually. Same goes for the businesses. A new venture requires strenuous efforts to establish itself firmly to the ground. A very crucial part in the establishment of a business is its promotion, which needs to be done in the form of a well-planned exhaustive campaign.

Other than the conventional methods of product marketing, a relatively new technique is doing rounds now-a-days. Well, I am talking about the Referral Marketing Technique. It’s also popularly known as the word of mouth technique.

Let me introduce you to what needs no introduction actually! Let’s dig a little deeper and you will understand my words!

Word of mouth is an age old technique, where information keeps on passing from one person to another. When a person encounters a new product, he may either like it or dislike it. In both cases, he shall pass the information about the product to the people in his connection, extended family and friends, sometimes co-workers. This is inherent human nature; we can’t resist sharing of information! A rather less important piece of information may suffer a backdrop, but any positive or negative information will always find a carrier and transmit itself!

We humans are inclined towards believing the ones we know much easily than the ones we don’t. If the information about a new product or service comes from a known source, we are more bent towards giving it try. This inclination is much higher than that it would have been, had the information been passed on to us by some stranger.

How do we explore this age old technique for E-Commerce Businesses?

We are living in the INTERNET AGE where we are talking, befriending, dating and even eating online. Don’t believe me? Have you not seen an advertisement saying “Mai pasta kha rahi hu…tum khaoge?” So, why not market our business online!

When this traditional referral technique is given a modernized approach using internet as the means to speak the information out, there shall remain no skepticism that the information will remain confined to a small group. Instead, if you have the acumen for it, be prepared to be known overnight! Information is certainly going to travel at a much higher pace and bring about more successful transactions.

At Refiral, what we do is add a little Refiral specific flavor to this whole technique. We make the whole process more promising by giving away jaw dropping incentives and discounts. We give rewards in the form of instant discounts to the customers on their purchase in order to spread the information about the websites they visit. This adds fuel to the already growing referral process and results in exponential growths in a relatively short span of time.

Let’s take an example!

Well I am shopaholic and love to buy clothes and accessories. I visit an online store, browse through different categories of products. Finally, I decide to buy a pair of shoes. As I proceed to purchase, I find a popup at the top of the page which assures me a discount on my first ever purchase from the website for sharing the information about the online shopping site with my social media connections.  Now-a -days when sometimes you are required to work even at the darkest hours of night, who would not want to save a little money if they could! As I share the information about the website with my friends on social media, I end up making my first purchase at a reduced price. We spend more time on Facebook and Twitter these days than any other things. So it is certain that my information will find some visitors. Some may take a look, ignore it and move ahead and some may want to give it try. Chances may not be fair enough to get 100 visitors for the website from just one share, but if I am able to generate as little as 30 visitors even, I have done it at a very low cost for the business. I have helped the website establish its presence without many efforts and much investment.

Now, if any of the visitors generated by my little effort turns out to be a shopper at the website, I am all set to be lucky again! The new customer gets his share of instant discount for sharing the information about the website like me. But guess what, the business owes its sales to me and it believes and appreciate it. I am given another discount on any next purchase that I make from the website. Now that’s the Icing on the cake!

  • Will I not want to visit the store again?

I will, time and again!


  • What have I got in the entire process?

Instant discounts flooding my way through negligible one time effort!


  • What have I lost in the process?

Literally, NOTHING!


  • What has the business got in the entire process?

New visitors across the site, increased traffic

New customers

Increased visibility and therefore increased sales

Highly reduced cost and efforts for business promotion and marketing

Automated process looking after:





  • Who has come out as WINNER in the situation?



  • Who has come out as looser in the situation?



At Refiral, we work at a cost much less than the costs of traditional advertising and deliver best of the best results in terms of business promotion. We put in all our sincere efforts to generate a strong bond between the business and the customers so both shall reap the fruits of success in days to come!

Whether you are an online business enterprise or a customer to the business, we work hard day and night to bring smiles to your faces!

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