We all are lucky enough to witness the twenty first century. It marks the revolution in all fields of human growth and development. But does it all not come at a cost too high? Well, all of you must agree to what I say. These days, to provide a comfortable life to a person sitting in his home, several others work day and night and sometimes staying far away from their loved ones too. Nothing, absolutely nothing today is free! We enjoy our holidays, TV, movies, train or flight travels, food at restaurant and many other services because somewhere some people completely strangers to us many a times have been burning candle at both ends to make our lives easy. Is that all? Are we not doing anything for anyone? We have been doing the same thing in a different form may be for many other people who we are not related to, to make their lives easy. This is how the world grows; it has to be a closed loop!

Well we are all benevolent creatures, in ignorance may be! We all have benefitted from this act of kindness in some or the other form. Excess of anything is bad. Don’t you guys feel in the process of helping others live their lives happily we all have created a deep deep gorge in our own lives? There’s been a dearth of FUN in our lives! We do survive but it seems we have forgotten to live actually.


I can neither change the whole process of how we work for each other sacrificing our own comforts nor can I guarantee to bring back all the lost fun in our lives but yes I can certainly help relieve some tension that has developed in our fatigued joints on account of this harsh lavish life we live in the highly modernized twenty- first century. We seem to be living an irony and I can promise to make our lives a little less ironical!

So, on behalf of the TEAM REFIRAL, I welcome you to the world of:

Happy Online Shopping

Easy Online Shopping

Low Cost Online Shopping

Shopping is no lesser than a panacea these days. It heals the broken hearts and tired souls, especially those of young girls. It makes every hand feel powerful and every face look beautiful. We shop now-a-days to not just fulfill our basic necessities but to give ourselves a lavish touch, not to fill our houses with household needs instead to satiate our senses, a difficult task though!

But one thing that bothers all of us the most is the huge sums of money we spend shopping to feed our hearts and hence we search a number of sites for the discount coupons. What if I provide you the huge discounts you have been looking for without even asking for it? Even more, if I provide these discounts every time you shop? Let’s go a little further, if I provide you discounts every time your friends shop? Will you not be on top of the world? I will definitely be, had I been in your place! I am sure you will also be!

How will this happen?

Refiral works as a low cost advertising tool for the online businesses to increase their sales and customer base. Simultaneously, it also takes great care that the end customers are delighted every time they leave the store.

To understand the process, I welcome you to an online store! Once you wander across the store, browse through the product categories and decide on purchasing a product, you move towards completing the purchase process. As you head towards your first purchase with the online store, a pop up shows offering you a discount on your first shopping with the store only for sharing the information about the store on social platform among your friends. This is a small task with negligible efforts and great returns and hence is appealing to the customers.  As it has to be, you decide to share the information about the online store with your friends on social sites and in benevolence as has been your attitude towards life you induct a self-sustaining process for the development of the store and to your own benefit! On social sites, your friends come across the information you shared but that doesn’t mean they all are going to take a minute to look at the store. Never mind, we don’t expect that to happen even! If less than half of your friends take a look at the shopping site and a few decide to make a purchase, it’s enough to keep the process grow continuously. The new visitors have nonetheless helped increase the visibility of the store by increasing the traffic at the store. For those, who have turned out to be the new customers, we welcome you to the store with discounts on your first purchase itself only demanding a small favor of spreading the information about the online store among your friends on social networking sites! In the whole process how can we forget the pioneer of the chain? Our very first customer who started the process of recommendation! So every time a customer referred to by our first customer makes a purchase, our first customer is rewarded with even higher discounts on his next purchase!

We help increase the conversion rates for the businesses, generate new customers and retain existing customers by providing jaw dropping deals! by just integrating Referral marketing Tool.