Welcome to the world of Refiral folks! Before we dig deeper and take a ride along the aspects of Refiral.com, let me bring you back some of your old school memories. Your notorious acts in class, fights over petty things, becoming MURGA time and again, tearing shirts, pouring water all around, eating your friend out of house and home as if his mom was a MasterChef and yours the worst cook in the world or your ever changing crush in each standard! Don’t get tantalized dudes; it’s not going to about this! There’s another aspect of school guys! Remember your boring subjects in school? Well science was one of those very boring part of schooling which we don’t want to trouble our minds remembering! That’s OK, I don’t want much from you but I hope everyone of you must have heard this name at least once:  Rhizobium Bacteria, associated with the leguminous plants.

Now, an obvious question taking rounds in your minds would be “what was even the need to mention these bacteria?” Well friends, there is. These bacteria living mutually with the leguminous plants bring about most of the nitrogen fixation, converting free nitrogen to ammonia to be utilized by the plants for nutrition. They help the plants survive and grow. What do they take from the plants in return? A little shelter is all they demand! They live in the root nodules of plants where they multiply and grow. This is how exactly Refiral works! It takes a very trivial fee for its survival from the online businesses and in return provides them with ample of sales and ever increasing consumer base.

Refiral is a complete package carefully designed to boost the e-commerce business sales in exponential terms with a very little investment, which does not pose threat to the newly emerging ventures. These businesses could use their money and resources towards other internal aspects leaving marketing and promotion to be take care of by Refiral.

When a new business is started, the prime concern is, “how to capture the market”? Rarely does it happen that a new business faces little or no competition. It can only occur if it is the pioneer in its field of operation, nevertheless a business pushing the envelope with new idea, being the leader in its field shall sooner or later face the wrath of competition from the newly emerging businesses imitating the original idea or working on a concept only a little offset from the industry leader.

In each case, any business, be it a new venture or an established one, in its entire life cycle will have to face three key challenges:

  • How to generate the visitors for a new business? How to evolve potential customers from the onlookers so created or in more technical terms how to increase the conversion rate?
  • How to generate customers and hence how to generate sales?
  • How to retain the customers and hence maintain the sales?

Refiral, through its key players, the Referral Marketing Program and the Viral Marketing Program, solves the primary requirements of any business venture through a one-time setup, fully automated and 100% customizable social referral campaign.

Refiral campaign starts for FREE, with:

  • NO setup fee
  • NO minimum usage fee
  • NO long term contract

Refiral has run campaigns for more than 700 online businesses in around 10 plus countries split across multiple industries. At present, it has partnerships and integrations with over 20 plus e-commerce platforms.

How does Refiral Actually work?

At Refiral, we focus on continuously increasing a consumer network which is of the self- multiplying nature. Let me make it simple for you to understand. Suppose, you visit an online store to look for, say clothes. You browse across the products and finally select one. Now as proceed to make purchase, a pop up shows saying if you spread the information regarding the online store to your friends through social platforms like Facebook, you will be rewarded with an instant discount of, say 10%. What does it take to share the information about the store on Facebook? A small click! Not a strenuous task to leave you devastated. Anyone can afford to do so! So will you, as you make the purchase. You will leave the store happy being offered the product you chose at a price lower than you had expected. That’s a wonderful surprise. Would you not like to visit the store again? My experience with human tendencies says, YOU WILL! We humans, take a note of the first impression. The store’s first impression on you has been marvelous. You will not stop at what we had asked you (sharing information on social platforms); you by your own desire, will move a step further and spread the information about the store to your friends, family and others by the word of mouth in literal terms! You probably don’t realize, but you are not just a customer any more, you have become family to the business! And we at Refiral are pleased to be able to make such ties among you! Since you have done so much for the online business, now it’s our turn on behalf of the business, to reward you. Yes, once again! You are family man! Cherish this new bond! This reward comes in when any of the persons to whom you recommended the store makes a purchase at the store. Now you are offered a discount even higher for your next purchase at the store.  At the same time, the new customer is rewarded for his first purchase, just like you, only at the cost of spreading the information about the store.

This process continues uninterrupted! How can it even? We have worked so hard to make each link in the entire process to be integrated just like sugar in milk. It can’t be separated!

I hope, now you must have understood that Refiral is a program aimed at a Win-Win situation for both the consumers and the online businesses!