You may not believe that besides of affiliate marketing and SEO there is another way to boost your daily sales online i.e. referral marketing.

Key benefits of referral marketing are:

  1. Acquisition of new customers
  2. Increase conversion rates
  3. Retain existing customers

The major benefit with product tools of Refiral is that no set-up installation fees are required and you do not have to worry about long term contracts too.

Why referral marketing is necessary?

Every start-up ecommerce business face three challenges at first, as the competition between the new ecommerce businesses is increasing every day due to the reason that every physical stores are turning into online ecommerce business. The challenges faced by these new ecommerce businesses are:

  1. How to convert visitors to actual paying regular customers

This is the first challenge, which is faced by every ecommerce business. To resolve this situation, you have to show a reason: why you are different from the other ecommerce website, and what would you provide benefits to your customers. That is the only way to market your business and grab the attention of visitors.


  1. How to target existing customers

This is the second biggest challenge that how to target the existing customers and encourage them to bring new referrals for you. It is just simple; you have to give a reason to your customers to work for you so that they feel like they are working for their selves.

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Referral Marketing Software Program


  1. How to retain the existing customers

The last and biggest challenge is customer retention. However, it is very difficult to keep interesting your existing customer with your offers but it can be easy to entertain them, see below how…

Integrate Customer referral program to your online store

Refer a friend software


How these tools work?

It is just a tree steps away; let’s see how?

At first, Refiral will integrate a discount buttons on any ecommerce website. When any customer clicks on the button, he/she will get some links about that ecommerce website to share with their contacts on social media website or through e-mails wherever they wants.

If the sharing of links gets successful then they will get discount coupon code so that they can use that for purchasing anything. That is how the customer will be happy and satisfied at first.

If one customer is happy and satisfied then Refiral will help these ecommerce website to increase conversion rates by tracking the all sign-up within the website.

Now, the links are shared in the social media-marketing website, which is performed free by the first customer. If his friends will click on the links and get register to fresh purchase, they will follow the same procedure first, as the old customer did; this is how the Refiral will helps the ecommerce business to acquire customers at faster rates.


Now, completing the entire task when they successfully sign out from their account, the old customer will also rewarded for the successful referral and discount code will be again sent to them so that they can use that code for next purchase this is how the old customers will retained; loop doesn’t stops here it will increase further and further. As well as online sales will boost up.

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