World, this is Team Refiral saying hello!

What’s the most important aspect and growth driver for any company? Resonated with most across the world – the undisputed answer comes out as ‘Customers’. Everyone agrees that a company only survives until it has a customer base to serve to. As a kid, as a project, some of us must have tried to sell lemonade in summers. Even though we made amazing lemonade, most of us barely had customers. So is the reason why curtains are falling on multiple brands around the world.

Who are we blogging for? At Refiral, our team understands the need to connect to the end customers, which is YOU. So even though we can’t serve you in a conventional way (as we are a B2B business), we aim to make this blog for YOU, and share with you what’s good for you to know.

And, what do we plan to blog about? Through this blog, Refiral aims to share the best we know about marketing: the latest marketing trends, interesting products across the globe, some of the latest growth hacker people are using across the globe, address queries, doubts and questions boggling you about marketing, or anything else that is going on in the marketing world.

Along the way, we hope to experiment, provide you with some interesting content for you to enjoy reading, and get feedback. It is going to be a journey, stick with us! Any doubt you may have, any question bothering you, if you just wish to share your views/opinion, or just want to say Hi, voice it out – we’re listening!

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Ending our first post with a cool infographic telling you what Refiral is and what we do – enjoy!


Refiral Infographic 1.2


Article by Gurkirat and Gautam
Infographic by Karan

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