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With a great success of e-commerce in various sectors, the technology is now exploring several other new sectors. Every other day, I get to hear instances of neighour ordering an apparel online, while a friend ordered a watch and a cousin browsing online shopping websites for cushions to match the new sofa, also bought from an e-tailer. However, don’t be surprised when next time you see a vehicle in your neighbourhood came to deliver grocery. Quite mature in the West and on a continuous rise in budding markets of China, online grocery retailing is regularly showing signs of great potential in Indian market as well.

With an estimated market of $343 billion of food and grocery, India serves as the sixth largest grocery market in the world. One can see several online grocery stores trying to woo their customers with big discounts, regularly keeping tap on consumer behaviour all the while making sure to keep control on their expenses. Facing key challenges every day in this yet flourishing market, this e-grocery tailing are facing troubles to scale up their business. From maintaining a steady supply chain management to creating a first base of customers and then retaining it, is quite a challenge. With several players emerging regularly, the scope of good profit is also marginal. Apart from that, the competition from traditional stores also adds up to the list of challenges.

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However, online grocery shopping has its own perks as well. As an e-tailer, the ability of predicting the behaviour of customer is one of the most important application which not only helps in cutting down the inventory but also reduce the cost in turn. Once you have successfully followed the consumer behaviour, it helps you to plan and procure the required products in advance. This is especially beneficial in case of perishable products which further help in cutting down extra expenses of storage place. You can also keep a tight leash on your budget in the aspect that a large chunk of your expenses are saved in terms of frontline staff. Some of the upcoming online grocery stores like and with their quite efficient service also ensure that quality is not compromised in any form.

It is also a boon for customers as, in comparison to traditional retailer, where you have to physically visit the place, online grocery shopping only requires your limited amount of time and the required products will be on your door step without any fuss. As a customer, it is also convenient to remain within your budget. Other than that, since buying grocery is a regular task which is something technology is known to have expertise in. So when a shopper logs into his/her account, a list of previously bought products can be viewed making it easier for consumer to choose instead of browsing everything all over again.

As per a survey conducted by D‘Essence Consulting, you will find following figures quite interesting:

  • Almost 85% of online grocery shoppers fall in the age bracket of 22-45 years.
  • As of the current studies, more men shop online however, the rate of online women shoppers is also rising rapidly.
  • Approximately, a growth of 18.4 per cent is being observed in the online food and grocery stores.
  • Lastly, the trend says that customers buying grocery online have good experience and tends to remain loyal.

In this dynamic world, where e-commerce witness new success story every day, we at Refiral make sure that all the existing and upcoming online retailers also achieve their dreams. We help them achieve maximum conversion rate and to acquire a base of loyal customers while retaining their old ones.

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