A huge business empire is not built in a day; it requires countless efforts of many courageous people towards the right direction with clear a vision for the future. It’s the development that occurs throughout the business cycle and eventually turns a small idea into a SUCCESSFUL brand.

Developing a business is quite similar to raising a child into an asset for the nation! Nurturing a child right from the birth through all phases requires a great deal of care and attention. You cannot teach a child unless you yourself are in a learning process. Same goes for the business! A continued learning process and innovation at all levels is fundamental to a successful venture. A business needs to be nurtured from the stage it was a silly idea in someone’s mind to the stage it shall stand in years to come. The future can be envisioned and has been envisioned by many business enthusiasts but only a few could reach the milestone. Why did others fail? What went wrong? It was the gap between the initial thought and the vision for future that could not be cemented. A strong, durable and unyielding bridge needs to be created to fill the gap! And then can be created a new business brand, a new entrepreneur and hence a new role model for the generation!


A mother’s placenta feeds the baby developing in womb. In a similar way, a young business is protected, supported and fed by the founders in the initial stage when it’s struggling to come out of the virtual platform it was created on and find its real identity. One day, if things turn up its way, it has to come out in the harsh outside world. What happens then? Either it will turn all the obstacles in its path to its strength or it will succumb to the injuries and perish. Just like the newly born baby needs mother’s milk, more than any luxury to survive; a newly started business requires visibility for its survival. Visibility to the potential customers of tomorrow is the food on which the new born business shall survive.

How shall I go and buy a product from an online store if I only don’t even know about it? All new online businesses are facing the heat of tough competition today! For a business to survive in such a hostile environment, it is essential in literal terms “to be known by the people it intends to serve”.

This necessity can be fed through many ways like the big fat advertising using popular names, hiring professional to work towards increasing the online visibility of your business among others. But all this serves just like artificial food for the baby. Costly enough to be effective!

Have you ever seen the infant raised on artificial food grow healthier, faster and stronger than the one raised on mom’s milk?

The answer, without a second thought, has to be NO. Anything but for the mom’s milk dilutes the food served to the baby and hence dilutes the nutritional value, no matter what cost has been put in to provide the supplement. Likewise, the huge cost advertisings may provide a platform for the new venture to breathe for some time but they cannot provide the long term stability, being far too costly for a new business to handle. This may eventually lead the business to suffocate under the environment of lesser sales and huge expenses!

Refiral serves the unadulterated nutrition for the infant online business so as to raise it to be tough enough for the future challenges. It helps build a strong immune system from the inside of the business to counter all threats that may pose a trouble to its existence. It is a very low cost tool to improve business visibility and hence potential to sell the products to the target crowd!

Refiral works on the principle of referral program and viral marketing. Referral program implies the process of referring the online business site to the peers. Once this has been done, the next step is the viral marketing strategy which means that the process is a never ending chain where at each new level multiple links are added apart from the existing ones which work together to continue and elongate the chain. This brings in a certainty that the awareness towards the business among the masses is in an unceasing process. What makes this process superior to its peers is the minimal cost involved in the process and the assurance that the business awareness is increasing multiple folds!

The process targets the customers by providing products they aspire for, with the quality they would demand and at a price lower than they had imagined! This comes in the form of instant discount that a customer receives when he/she makes a purchase from the shopping site! A little favor is demanded from the customer in return in the form of spreading the information about the store among his/her friends and acquaintances through social media platform. This can be accomplished by simply clicking on a link provided on the shopping site itself. Thus a little task performed by the customers rewards them with huge returns. This results in creating a satisfied customer who most likely shall visit the store again!

This way the chain has been created, now the next step is the addition of links. Once the first customer has shared the online store information with the peers, the visibility of the site has increased. This has in turn increased the likelihood of generating more customers. There are chances that a few of all to whom the information was shared, pay a visit to the shopping site and chances cannot be nullified that there may be hidden among these, a very few potential customers who may wander around the site and make a purchase. Now as a new customer goes to make the purchase, he/she shall again be offered an instant discount for sharing. He/she does so and shops happily; simultaneously adding to the visibility of the site among the masses through the information he/she shared. Hence the next link has been created and the chain continues to multiply!

At each link there is a satisfied delighted customer, this is the secret why the chain never ends! Not because the business has put in efforts for the chain to multiply but because the satisfied customer will never let the chain break. They will prove their love and loyalty for the online store by giving it more customers and the business will on its part continue its task to satisfy each new customer!

What about the earlier customers? What if the older links go weak? No, they cannot, because the business maintains that they be treated fairly for the sincere efforts they have put in for the growth of the business. It is their efforts that resulted in the making of a strong chain from nowhere. Every time a new customer, to whom the earlier customer recommended the shopping site, makes a purchase, the earlier customer receives a mail for the discount he/she shall receive on the next purchase bringing smile to their faces.

Thus Refiral works by-

  • Increasing business visibility
  • Generating potential customers
  • Increasing conversion rate by creating customers from the visitors at site and retaining “The Once” customers by turning them into permanent loyal customers

What cost does it come for?

  • For the customer: it’s a mere click to share information that means absolutely nothing!
  • For the business: It’s a little reward in terms of discount they offer; negligible, when viewed against the huge amount that they would have spent on advertisements!

So who’s at loss?

No one!


Who’s at gain?



Refiral is therefore a total development program not just for the business sale but business customer relationship which takes due cares of both so that none suffers! It is an important tool to boost the online business. It works like the essential elements of life for the newly developing online businesses!

It’s a Best Referral marketing  tool, creates the best of business and customer friendship! A SYMBIOTIC RELATION INDEED!!