A Day to Celebrate On The Field New Country 105

How often do you get to stand in the middle of a professional baseball field with hundreds of breast cancer survivors? That’s how I spent my Sunday over Labor Day Weekend with fellow survivor friends Cheri, Karen and Jill.

The 17th Oakland A’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day was a day we all looked forward to. The A’s gave us pink jerseys, lunch, and tickets to watch a baseball game and relax. Before the game, 350 of us all survivors walked out onto the field to form a huge pink ribbon adorned in our pink jerseys and holding pink balloons.wholesale jerseys Some of us wrote messages on the balloons knowing we would release them during the national anthem.

We were set. The pink ribbon was formed. The announcer said, “Let’s take a moment of silence to remember those lost to breast cancer.” and white doves were released. It was so quiet while everyone on the field and in the stands watched the doves fly around the stadium. I thought about my mom who died in 1983 of breast cancer. I knew she would have loved to be on the field too standing next to me. The national anthem was sung and we let our balloons go. It was a great day. A great day to celebrate!