A chance to honour Tom

THE heavy rain was swelling the Canal. A July morning in Drimnagh. Grim and grey. Not much cheer on the packed LUAS on it’s way to the city.

It passed Good Counsel. On the railing, there was a large, bright poster of Toms Mulligan. Suddenly, the mood lifted. Tom had a left foot that could peel an onion. Tall and strong, he played for the Dubs. Gave his all. He a lso wore the jerseys of Counsel, Ballinteer St John’s and Clondalkin’s Round Towers.

He was never afraid to have a punt for the posts. That attitude resulted in some spectacular scores. Life, and football, was better with Tom in it. He added that touch of class and a fountain of laughter.

Tom died last year. To honour his memory, Counsel will host a Senior Football 7 a side tournament on the Galtymore Road on Sunday, August 3.wholesale jerseys

The entries have been rolling in. So many eager to honour his deeds. Upstairs in the Counsel clubhouse there’s pictures of Tom on the wall. He’s in good company. After all, Counsel was also the home of legends like Paul Mulhere and Kevin Moran. Dublin captain, Alan Brogan, took the time to attend the tournament launch. “I played with Tom for Dublin and he was a larger than life character.

“All the Dublin lads were very fond of him. We were all very sad and shocked when he died. But this is a lovely tribute to him, and hopefully it will develop into a huge annual event,” stated Alan.

The action will be on the one day. Lamartine Fireplaces are sponsoring the cups and medals.

The Dublin Masters will play a selection of Special Guests, and ‘The Beer Mats’ will provide the evening entertainment. There will be no fee for entering a team, but there will be collection buckets on the day. Tickets for the evening cost 10. All the proceeds will go to Console and Aware. Tickets are being sent to the Dublin clubs.

Paul O’Brien is on the organising committee. He has golden memories of his fond pal.

“We played for Counsel from about 16 to 24. Then we enjoyed a good few years at Ballinteer. Tom then moved house near to Towers and that’s where he ended his career,” recalls Paul. “He had everything as a footballer. The only thing that went against him were the injuries that came at a bad time in his career.

“Nobody could argue about his ability. He had one of the best left foots in the game. He was a great fella to watch in the blue jersey. He was a big man in stature and he had the personality to match it. He was always the joker in the dressing room. And yet he was also so quiet in many ways. But nothing fazed him. Even when he was playing with the Dubs, it was the still the same old Tom.”3The Toms Mulligan Memorial Cycle will also take place next month. It will begin in Belmullet in Mayo on Saturday, August 16, and arrive in Dublin the following day. Bernard O’Neill is the organiser. All proceeds go to Aware.