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What do you think is that one thing that is within the heart of each of the 7 Billion inhabitants of this planet?

Is it love? Clearly No!

Is it hate? Well maybe Yes!

Is it passion to do something? We don’t think so!

Too philosophical options right? The answer is completely different – CHOCOLATE. People say “Forget love! I had rather fall in chocolate.” So while you are drooling over chocolate puddings and truffles, let us see some common and some not so common uses of chocolate.

1. Chocolaty make-up box

Put away those creams and lotions. Stop looking for SPFs in your moisturizers. Indulge in chocolates instead. Chocolate has great sun protection properties and can shield your skin against those detrimental UV rays (Remember the ozone hole). Chocolate can even be used as a lip balm or even a hair mask! But this requires great mental strength. You will have to resist the tendency to lick your own face. ;)

Tempting. Ain't it?

Tempting. Ain’t it?

2. Chocolate doctor

Chocolates can save your heart. No kidding! They literally do save your heart. Dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants which reduce the risk of heart diseases. And unlike popular conception, chocolate balances the sugar levels. So, don’t let your diabetes or your sky-scraping blood pressure come in your way to chocolates. Hence, the adage from today is ‘A chocolate a day, keeps the doctor away’.

Chocolate, Chocolate everywhere!

Chocolate, Chocolate everywhere!

3. The eternal aphrodisiac

Valentines Day is the day when the sale of chocolates reaches its zenith. And why should it not happen! Chocolate is the ultimate way of pleasing your loved one. “Your girlfriend is fuming at you!” “Gift her a chocolate box.” “Don’t know what to gift your mom this mother’s day?” “Chocolates, of course!” So, chocolate is your David against all goliaths of uncertainty and doubts. There is no better way to woo a person than with chocolates.

Love is in the air or chocolate is in the air?

Love is in the air or chocolate is in the air?


4. Chocolate cavity-free teeth

Say what? It has been proven by many researches that chocolate contains a compound which can act as a substitute for fluoride (Not really sure, if it’s true but we will take it). Voila! Theodent, a tooth paste company, came out with a chocolate-mint tooth paste! Our parents badgered us about eating more and more chocolates but, in fact, chocolate can save our teeth. It is every child’s dream come true.

Chocolate city...yummy!!

Chocolate city…yummy!!

5. The Stress Buster

Chocolate is a proven stress-buster. Chocolate appears to have similar psychological effects to kissing! Yes, you heard me! So, it acts as a stimulant, giving you a euphoric feeling. Chocolates contain endorphins and serotonin hormones (some biological jargon) which can totally bring you out of the dumps. So, if you are feeling lonely on Valentines Day or you are a ‘Forever Alone Guy’, grab a bar of chocolate and kick those morose conundrums away!

STRESSED’ is ‘DESSERTS’ spelled backwards

STRESSED’ is ‘DESSERTS’ spelled backwards


This is not an exhaustive list. From chocolate stamps to chocolate currency, chocolate is as pervasive in our lives as the very air we breathe.

We, at Refiral, promote chocolate with all our heart. Want to try your hand at making chocolates yourself? Okayji.com – Refiral’s latest partner makes it really easy for you! Order everything you need to get started to make your own chocolates.

Chocolate symbolizes, as does no other food, luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification, and love.”

Article: Gautam