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1. Self stirring mug

Self stirring mug

The self stirring mug is the perfect example of ‘minimum effort, maximum result’ for its users. You literally have to do nothing once you pour your drink in this highly innovative special mug. Happy Drinking!

Source: www.store503.com

2. Puff-puff accessories


Are you one of those who struggle to arrange a hookah for parties? Bazinga Baba delivers your desired hookah to your doorstep without any fuss. So have a nice time with your friends next time.

Source: www.bazingababa.com

3. The hangover kit

Hangover kit

Are you a young, enthusiastic, energetic party person who likes to give a run for money to everyone while drinking? A precautionary portable kit for you serving all your emergency needs in case the booze gets the better of you.

Source: www.rednbrown.com

4. Online library

India reads

Do you often complain about not having a good library in the vicinity of your locality. Well here’s one, you can visit it at anytime, anywhere irrespective of where you are. Yes, IndiaReads.com is an online library made for you. Check out books anytime you want, get them delivered at home, if finished reading, order more books and they’ll collect the previous ones themselves.

Source: www.indiareads.com

5. Eco-friendly earphones

Organic headphones

Groove Magnet Premium Sustainable Earbud Headphones: Experience concert-quality sound while rockin’ the most eco-conscious acoustic device available. Made from the finest Bamboo available, they not only provide acoustics of real wood but they ensure you play a part in conserving Mother Earth.

Source: www.organicaffinity.com

6. Used books

Secnf hand books

Searching for old books to buy them can be a real pain when stores selling them are going down. But, you need not bother. At bibliofreaks.com, you can order books online and then relax. No need to go anywhere else.

Source: www.bibliofreaks.com

7. Rubik’s clock

Rubik clock

You must have tried endlessly to solve the Rubik’s Cube in your childhood many-a-times. If, and whenever, you would have solved it, it must have looked like a charm. Isn’t it? Now think about a Rubik’s Clock. The name itself rings bells in your head thinking what it is? How will it be solved?

Source: shop.scmu.in

8. Online medical tests

Medical tests

Health-checkup due but no time to go take an appointment? BHO allows you to book preventive health check-ups online instantly ranging for all genders, across all ages. They will collect your samples from your house and deliver your reports as well.

Source: shop.bhorg.com

9. Wall decals: Skylines

Wall decals_v2

Are you a Dilli Ka Dilwala, or love London or a fan of Dubai’s high rise? If you are, then you must have it on your wall and remind yourself about these beautiful cities. A greater reason to have it if you are Dilliwala posted outside Delhi. Will bring back great memories of your beloved city.

Source: www.wallmantra.com

10. Diabetes related products


Did you know there is a store out there catering and serving to all the needs of a Diabetic? Refer this to a friend, family or to your own self – get everything customized to diabetic needs – from medicines to specialized apparel.

Source: www.diabetesindiastore.com

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Article: Gurkirat